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We do our utmost to protect our your privacy on our website. We do not display your Name/surname or any contact information details such as your phone number or email address. We take email privacy very seriously with users of our website Your email address will never be given or sold to 3rd parties for any marketing purposes or others. This includes any personal information we may obtain from emails we receive.

Please take into consideration that in case of any DMCA violation, please forward your emails to, we will take immediate action in this regard. will not be responsible for various statements are made during discussion in our forum containing personal opinions of the users and we have the solely right to remove the user name and comments if his/her comments find offensive , against any religion, hatred or immoral.

We do not produce the contents including videos relating to the talkshows as well as the news but its members who post the contents taken from the reliable and authentic sources or links. Only authenticated news and links are allowed to be shared, otherwise any such post on our site will be removed by instantly. For any copyrights issues, you can contact us via sending us email at anytime around the clock and we will contact you in our earliest convenience.


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